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birthday Ecard with a biplane

Birthday Biplane

A red biplane flies around the sky, then the pilot hits the smoke button and he writes Happy Birthday in the sky for all to see.

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Jungle animal themed Birthday card

Jungle Jingle

This Birthday Ecard features a bouncy calypso music track, a group of animals assemble in the jungle then an elephant arrives with a birthday message.

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Billboard Poster saying Happy Birthday Ecard

Birthday Billboard

The Happy Birthday card message is revelaed as the bill poster maN pastes up a billboard sign, a light hearted Birthday greeting for all.

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1,000 Ecards

Choose from 220 Animated Ecards or 750 Static Ecards with 700 of those Ecards completely free to send. There are 21 different categories covering all the main occasions and events.


There are numerous ways you can personalize and customize every ecard, two message areas where you can select different fonts, colours and sizes of text, then add a logo and website address link.

Mailing Lists

Once you have customized your Ecard, the next step is upload or add contacts to create a new mailing list, every Pay As You Go Ecard has a built in allowance of 20 recipients you can send to, however you can increase the allowance in blocks of 100 email addresses for a small fee, there is no limit to how many people you can add.

Delivery Reports

After sending your card you can then monitor the success of your mailing through the detailed delivery report viewed through your account, open rates, bounce rates and views.

Pay As You Go Account

Our base account option, sign up for a Pay As You Go account to send as and when you need, whether just the occasional Birthday Ecard or just the annual Christmas Ecard, plus all of the free ecard categories.

Silver Account

For a quite small annual fee this account allows you to send 50 Premium Ecards for Free to up to an allowance of 100 email addresses, plus adding more comes at a lower rate than Pay As you Go. You can also send any additional premium cards for a lower rate, which should cover most occasions.

Gold Account

Designed for the power pro user the unlimited account allows you to send as many ecards as you like to 100 recipients for 12 months for no additional fees and adding additional email addresses at a nominal fee.

Account Managers

Gold account holders will have a dedicated account manager on hand to help with all aspects of Ecard Mint, from customising, list managment and editing, payment and monitoring.

New Ecards

The large collection of varied and eclectic ecard designs is alays being expanded with new Ecards being added every month. Whatever your needs for contacting friends, family, staff and customers, Ecard Mint has an option or solution that will make the process as smooth and frictionless as possible.